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Sunday, October 24, 2021

How to Plan a Wedding Under $10K

Six helpful wedding tips to keep your wedding under budget. 

Although the cost of weddings have decreased over the past two years (thanks, but no thanks COVID), the average wedding is still well over $20K. But your wedding doesn’t have to be! There are so many ways to have a beautiful and memorable wedding day without going into debt or overextending you and your family. 

Before setting your budget, we always recommend making a list of your top priorities - your non-negotiables that you know will make your day just as you’ve dreamed. Once your list is defined, then you can start to shift your budget in other areas to ensure your top priorities get the appropriate share of the budget for your wedding. For every couple, those non-negotiables look different. If you’re set on the perfect venue, then scale back on your guest list to make it happen. Or if having a large guest list is what your heart desires, then get creative with the catering and bar set up. 

We’ve outlined a few of our favorite tips for keeping a wedding within a $10K budget, but give yourself permission to splurge in some areas and save where you can. It’s all about the balance.

Tip No. 1 

Opt for a small backyard ceremony

This is by far the most effective way to drastically reduce your spend since the venue is always the biggest ticket item for the wedding day. Think about unconventional venues, like the home of a family member or friend or a unique AirBnB. COVID has definitely shown us all how special and absolutely beautiful a well-planned backyard wedding can be. If your guest list is already on the small side, this might be a great option for you.

wedding flowers

Reserve the backyard for a beautiful ceremony space. Guests can transition inside for cocktail hour as the backyard is transformed into a reception space. Be sure to hire a caterer and day of coordinator that can accommodate the flipping of the space, while you and your guests enjoy. 

Tip No. 2 

Trade fresh flowers for faux rentals 

We may be a little biassed on this one, but premium silk floral rentals are another great way to pull in major savings in the wedding budget. And it just makes perfect sense, because fresh flowers die... DIE! Used for just a few hours or sometimes even minutes and never touched again for the rest of the reception. By renting silk florals from Something Borrowed Blooms for the ceremony and reception you’ll save thousands of dollars in your overall wedding budget without having to sacrifice on quality or style. Our premium silk flowers are guaranteed to be picture perfect and most wedding guests don’t know the difference!

Wedding flowers

Choose from over 15 floral collections that include bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, aisle markers, garland, floral hair accessories, even decor! Select only the items that you need; no need to stick to predetermined packages or minimums. Your beautiful silk blooms will arrive three days before your event date, giving you time to set up and decorate your venue.

Tip No. 3 

Get smart with the dress

Selecting a wedding dress can be overwhelming - so many styles, materials, designers and the list goes on. If you’re wanting to narrow down your options and your investment, stick to reputable online retailers that offer well-made, affordable little white dresses or even full gowns. ByWatters is one of our favorite brands of little white dresses with a FAST turnaround time. The brand offers high-quality designs from Watters, but quicker and more affordable than ever! They have options for just about any type of celebration - ballroom, courtyard, backyard, or whatever!


Tip No. 4

Narrow down your photographer's focus

Photos and memories are some of the only keepsakes from the wedding day, so instead of skimping on talent, we suggest you narrow down the time with your photographer. Instead of opting for a full 10-12 hour day, stick to 6-8 hours and really maximize their time with you. While shortening the window, your photographer will be most focused on capturing the best images from the most meaningful part of the day. What happens before and after their time with you is typically best caught on camera phones anyway! 

Tip No. 5

Scale down your cake

A cake from your local bakery always seems reasonably priced for most celebrations, but tack the word wedding onto it and the price increases exponentially! Cut down on the expense with a smaller cake for the statement piece and pictures, and have a sheet cake or cupcakes in the background to feed the majority of your guests. Dessert bars have also become increasingly popular over the years and can also offer savings compared to a traditional wedding cake. Enhance your cake or dessert bar with cake florals that coordinate with your wedding flowers for a cohesive look!

Something Borrowed Blooms Wedding Cake Flowers

Tip No. 6

Choose eco-friendly invites

Evites eliminates the waste associated with mailed invitations and pulls double duty in the savings category, eliminating the cost of print and postage! Your guests will appreciate less paper waste and the convenience of electronically adding the date to their calendar. Support your evites with a beautiful wedding website and your guests and you will have everything centrally located, including the responses! 

There are so many ways to save on the wedding day, but sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to think outside of tradition. Hopefully, these tips have helped to ease some stress and inspire your wedding planning. We love hearing from our #sbbloomsbrides, so please share your favorite wedding savings tips with us below! 

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