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Sunday, August 22, 2021

3 Ways to Get Your Family Onboard with Silk Wedding Flowers

Helpful tips to convince your loved one to go faux over fresh 

We know all too well the stress of planning a wedding. There are so many decisions to make and oftentimes many stakeholders. For many couples, parents and grandparents (sometimes footing the bill) want to provide say-so in major wedding decisions. Let’s imagine the wedding planning has commenced and you're faced with the tough decision of which wedding flower vendor to select. Although fresh flowers are the traditional selection, the budget or waste might not be something that feels right for you. And that’s OK!  Premium silk flowers are just as beautiful and provide so many advantages over fresh flowers. But if your family and friends have different options on fresh vs. faux,  how will you open the minds of your loved ones to what premium silk flowers have to offer?

A lot of people won’t believe it until they see it, but trust us when we say, our blooms are so close to the real deal that even wedding photographers and guests have a hard time believing our blooms don’t need to be kept from wilting. Just take a look at our real bride reviews! And there are many ways to introduce silk flowers to your family to increase their comfort level and support your decision to go faux.

1. Live Styling Session

Couples are commonly in disbelief when they hear about Something Borrowed Blooms, and understandably so! Premium silk floral arrangements that are convenient and sustainable at an affordable rental price? It sounds way too good to be true. 

With our Live Styling Sessions, a bloom stylist is able to show you any product you want to see and help you bring our wedding vision to life. From seeing entire collections to table set-ups with decor products, our team is here and ready to help! Invite your friends and family to join so they can chime in on the conversation and get answers to all the questions they’ve been itching to ask.

Sign up for a LIVE Styling Session here.

2. SBBlooms Brides Facebook

Our exclusive Facebook group; SBBlooms Brides, has thousands of members. It’s a community of past, future and present brides who are always sharing professional wedding photos and thoughts on their overall experience. If you’re looking for honest opinions, just ask and a past Bride will always be willing to share. It’s a great place to invite your mom to gain trust! Not to mention, we’re constantly sharing sneak peeks of new products and collections, giving a front-row seat to all things NEW at Something Borrowed Blooms. 

Join SBBlooms Brides here.

3. Preview Packs

Won't believe it until you see it in person? No worries, we offer that too. You have the option to preview our blooms in the comfort of your home with your family and friends! Our preview packs are a flat $40 and come with two centerpieces, two bridesmaid bouquets, or one of each. Your preview pack is yours to keep for a 5-day rental period and you’ll receive $20 in rewards points to put towards your wedding order of $65 or more. Want to preview more blooms? Order another preview pack and receive $40 in rewards points!

Gather your friends and family so they can share the experience of sampling our blooms too. This experience is sure to get your mom on board with your selections and make her feel included in the decision. After all, your special day is about bringing together those special people in your life to celebrate the future of you and your significant other.  

Order a preview pack here.

Questions about live styling sessions, our SBBlooms Facebook, or preview packs? Reach out to us on our website or send us an email at info@sbblooms.com.

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The SBBlooms Team

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